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Wiley Hinton at Team Effort Real Estate - Call Wiley at (954) 523-1263!

Wiley Hinton, Executive Sales Associate is proud to have one of the longest careers in Fort Lauderdale real estate.  Call Wiley at 954 523-1263.


Wiley has been a licensed real estate sales person since the 1960's.  He is a native of Fort Lauderdale and still lives in the Rio Vista house he grew up in during the 30's and 40's.  HIs family has always been invested in real estate throughout Fort Lauderdale.

Wiley has witnessed all of the construction booms and busts of the last 60 years.  He
has built multiple buildings in town.  His historical perspective brings unequaled experience to the real estate transactions in which he participates.


jack russell terrier

Wiley has many passions.  At the top of his list is his jack russell Winston.  You will find no more knowledgeable person when it comes to cruise ships, antique and modern stoves, and yes, Fort Lauderdale real estate.


Call Wiley today at 954 523-1263!